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Scorekeeping Guidelines

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1. Please write the LOWEST number on the left side of the score sheet and place the name of the LOWEST number on the top of the scoreboard.

2. Display the score change on the scoreboard BEFORE writing it on the score sheet - especially the final score. (Pitchers can immediately check the score and movement won't interfere with the pitchers.)

3. Rotate your scoreboard occasionally so all spectators can see the score.

4. Sign your score sheet.

5. Tie games in 50 shoe games are broken by pitching 4 more shoes until the tie is broken. 

6. Ask the pitchers to wait at the END of the courts for their cards after the game. You will bring the information to them.

7. If you have any questions, ask a judge.

8. Bring your completed score sheet to the tournament desk to receive your pay. 


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