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Revised: January 05, 2007 .

State Tournament Guidelines

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State Tournament Guidelines Print-Out

1. It is good experience to host an open tournament prior to hosting a state tournament. 

2. Follow the Tournament Director guidelines.

Time Line -

2 years prior:
3. Two years before you wish to host, present your bid to the State Association at the Fall meeting.

1 year prior:
4. One year prior to event, have shirts prepared for sale to promote you tournament site. They have been sold at the previous State tournament the final afternoon (with permission of the hosting club).

6-9 months prior:
5. Six to nine months prior, hold club meeting to determine committee chairpersons for the following items:

food/refreshments PA system
booklets scorekeepers
name cards judges
round robin cards statisticians
result charts shirts
computer court maintenance
Check In                                Awards/Presentation
result charts entries/forms

      a. Determine an entry fee*. 
     * fee MUST include the following:
         $3.00/person "profit" for hosting the tournament.
Bylaw Article VII,sec. 4
         $1.00/game for scorekeeping.
-Bylaw Article VII,sec .3
       $0.50/adult pitcher to the WHPA Sec/Treasurer.  -Bylaw Article X,sec. 1d
Trophy costs. -Bylaw Article V,sec. 3&4 - (Junior trophies and awards are sponsored by the WHPA)
Publication of entry form and results. send to: WHNL & WHPA website.
         Sending results to WHPA Sec./Treasurer, WHNL Editor and WHPA Webmaster.
         Mailing the schedule.

     b. The "tournament booklet" is to be published by the hosting club. Costs can be covered by local advertising. This is a time consuming job and must commence early in the tournament year. The booklet can be kept to a minimum of pages and costs covered by the entry fee. Your organization decides which process they want to follow. 
               1. The booklet traditionally includes past champions, pitching schedule, Hall of Fame inductees information and picture, Hall of Fame members, a welcome, WHPA officer page and pictures of defending champions. Past booklets have also had court etiquette, pitching tips, and a Friends of Horseshoe list. These extra pages can be determined by the hosting club.
     c. Feel free at any time to contact your WHPA officers or past state tournament directors for help. They can provide you with many helpful tips, hints and suggestions. Often times "traditional" pages in the booklet can be updated and utilized saving hours of processing and set up time. 

6. Six months, publish a list of motels and campsites.

3 months prior:
7. Three months prior, publish the State Tournament Entry form in the WHNL and the WHPA website.


Hall of Fame  and WHPA awards ceremony

The Host shall reserve a time for the Hall of Fame award(s) and other WHPA awards to preceed the Champion classes. The WHPA president shall be consulted regarding the time of day and length of anticipated award ceremony. 

Tournament Schedule (Class pitching times and days of competition)

In consulting with the WHPA executive board, the host shall assign class pitching times with prime times assigned to all championship classes. Bylaw Article V,sec. 2


 It is expected that the host shall duly publize the State Tournament in their area.

 Tournament Results

 Results are to be sent to WHPA Sec/Treasurer,John Secord,in a timely manner,along with the  $.50/pitcher -Bylaw Article X,sec. 1d

Also send a copy to the WHNL editor, Jim Haupt and the WHPA Webmaster, Heidi Poppe.

The results should be done in the right form per request.




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