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Tournament Guidelines

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Tournament Guidelines Print-Out

1. Get your tournament date on the State schedule and obtain an NHPA sanction number from Regional Director:
Jim Haupt
5075 N Elkhart Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53217
(414) 964-2735
        a. Once you receive your NHPA Sanction #, you will be sent a Sanction Certificate to be posted at the tournament site. You will also receive patches for the Class A Tournament Champion(s) and the Class Champion patches for the remaining classes. All unused patches should be returned to Jim Haupt as soon as possible.

2. Read the WHPA and NHPA By-Laws and rules to become more familiar with the rules and regulations of the game. It is a good idea to have these books at the courts during the tournament.
        a. Sanctioned tournaments mean EVERY pitcher must have a current NHPA card, and pitch with sanctioned shoes. It is your duty as the tournament director, to check both for their validity.

3. Post and distribute tournament flyers with the following information:
        a. Name, date, time, location, and tournament NHPA Sanction Number.
        b. Entry fee, deadline, and current average
        c. Tournament director name, address, phone number, and email.
        d. Pay back and/or prizes, mixed classes, handicapped?
        e. Scorekeeping method - paid?
        f. Concessions?
        g. Any other relevant information.

4. Contact John Secord, WHPA Secretary/Treasurer, W6868 Brown Rd Fond du Lac, WI 54937, (920) 922-0080 for current averages or check the Natstats listing through the NHPA website.

5. Send participants the schedule once it has been set.

6. Prior to the tournament, schedule a club work night to complete round robin cards, result charts, name tags, etc. Have several copies of the tournament schedule on hand, pens and pencils, scoresheets, markers, round robin cards, poster paper, rulers, etc.

7. During the tournament, as Director, it is your duty to keep the pace. It is advisable to post: copy of tournament schedule, Sanction certificate, and prizes.

8. After the tournament, results and the WHPA Tournament players fee of .50 cents per pitcher MUST be sent to John Secord (address above) within 7-14 days. Results form.

9. If your club chooses they may send results to each pitcher.